Memberships at EduCity

Gold Membership unlimited use of swimming pool, athletics track and gym.

Silver Membership –  unlimited use of two options, choose from swimming, track and gym.

Bronze Membership –  unlimited use of one option, if you are dedicated to one sport this might be for you. You can choose from either swimming, athletics track or gym.

Membership Public Family Package Benefits
Gold Membership RM1,200 1 year
  • Unlimited use of Pool, Gym & Track
  • 20% discount on facilities hire
  • 10% discount on equipment rental
  • Free locker
Silver Membership RM900 1 year
  • Unlimited use of two (2) facilities
  • 10% discount on facilities hire
  • Free locker
Bronze Membership RM600 1 year
  • Unlimited use of one (1) facility
  • 10% discount on facilities hire
  • Free locker

Please note that memberships must be paid in full. Minimum membership period is one year. Cancellation notice is a minimum of one complete month and can only be given one month before the end of the membership contract.  If you would like to become a member of EduCity Sports Complex then click on the ‘Get in Touch’ button at the top of this page now.