About Us

The EduCity Sports Complex features a 14,000-seat stadium comprising a football and rugby field plus a 400-metre athletics track, an Olympic-size swimming and diving pool, an indoor arena with courts for badminton, basketball and futsal and outdoor courts for tennis, volleyball and futsal.

There’s 3 main purposes to EduCity Sports Complex (ESC)

The EduCity Sports Complex is an integrated sports facility for all EduCity students offering a comprehensive – weekly – Sports Enrichment programme.

The second objective is to provide a world class sports facility to the Iskandar community as part of the region’s health & wellbeing agenda. To this end the EduCity Sports Complex is open to the public & corporate partners offering memberships, fitness & exercise classes and facilities hire. The Sports complex also hosts a range of sports clubs taking advantage of the fantastic facilities.

The third objective is for the Sports Complex to be used as a venue for festivals, exhibitions, tournaments, and concerts.